Our Unique Technology

The IoT device is covered by a patent.
It is easy to install, lightweight and non-invasive on the shelf.

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One platform for a precise solution

One place

IoT settings, planograms and stock levels are integrated with logistics data of Supply Chain players.

Proprietary Research

Research and development of new device features and user interfaces are developed in-house.

Data Analysis

Algorithms & Machine Learning processes are
written and tested by us.

We Create and Collect Accurate Data

The unique IoT device generates data from the shelf and captures consumer shopper behavior in real-time.
It wirelessly sends data to a cloud data center.
Data are managed by predictive algorithms and machine learning processes.
Finally, data are processed on reporting dashboards.

  • Easy-to-install IoT device
  • Stand-alone use for a single SKU also
  • Multi-level platform
  • Real-time notifications via SMS or email
  • Customizable dashboards & reports
  • Easy API integration

Our work process

Old Data Setting

ETL processes of your historical data

Pilot Stores

Select twin stores to pilot and test.


Device and platform set up.

Launch Project

Start to optimize replenish and order.